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The Office of International Affairs and its Current Policies

The Treasury's Office of International Affairs (OIA) is in place to set a standard of good economic security by negotiating with foreign interests to obtain a better trading environment among the world's nations.

While we do maintain good rapport with dozens of countries across the world and practice solid trading and foreign policy, the U.S. is in dire need to recover some market value of the U.S. dollar. One way to gain some value is by opening the door to more trading.

Unfortunately, we are throwing away an estimated three billion dollars a day into the War in Iraq and our trade deficit is in the trillions. We need to create more jobs that create more services and products that feed the global economy and in turn help to fuel ours.

The Office of International Affairs has a very large structure of organizations that are dedicated to protect and secure the transactions and investments of countries around the world. Another function of OIA is to regulate and maintain the proper legal immigration issues extended to international students, workers, professors, and scholars, therefore having the capacity to help with any legal immigration issues.

However, there are many legal hoops that surround these practices making it difficult to become an American citizen even through legal standards. It is no wonder that we have 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. to date.


Foreign policy affects the lives of every tax-paying American and we need to take interest in what is happening outside of the United States. It is key to understand that America is not always the good guy; that there are hidden agendas in policing the world.

American citizens are only hearing one side of these stories: we are quick to suggest that the threat in Iran is real but who are they a threat to, and why are we instigating them with military intimidation and political pressure?


We have a chance to be a leading contributor in the world market and world economy but we are paying for a war we can't afford. We are bailing out the auto industry and keeping military presence in the Middle East for reasons that can't be explained.

OIA can influence better relations with our foreign allies and get us trading again. Currently, no one wants to transact with us because we have made the trade industry a complete nightmare to navigate. We need to get our troops home and put that money back into our economy and re-ignite the American dream.


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